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Cinnamon improves memory and reduces anxiety

Better memory.  Higher learning ability.  Less anxiety.  In addition, it slows down functional impairments in Alzheimer's.  We are talking about cinnamon.

Doctors and medical students at Burjand University of Medical Sciences have done a new and comprehensive analysis of all the scientific literature on cinnamon.

The ambition was to determine if there is a connection between cinnamon and learning/memory.

That one considers finding evidence for the role cinnamon can have in preserving brain functions and slowing down cognitive impairment associated with Alzheimer's.

Many studies have shown that cinnamon can improve brain health and possibly prevent dementia.

Cinnamon contains several bioactive compounds and it is known that some of them can reduce oxidative stress or inflammation in the brain.

2,605 studies were found on cinnamon.  All of these were then subjected to their own critical review with high standards.

When that was done, there were 40 studies left that were deemed to meet all the tough criteria.

Of those, 33 included studies in living beings – humans, rodents or other animals), 5 were studies in cell cultures or tissues, and 2 were clinical studies with living patients.

Most showed that cinnamon significantly improves learning and memory in humans.

In addition, it was possible to demonstrate interesting factors around Alzheimer's.

Addition of cinnamon or cinnamaldehyde to a cell growth medium can increase so-called cell viability and reduce tau protein and amyloid β-peptide.

Which means what?  Well, specifically that aggregates of tau protein are associated with a variety of neurological diseases, including Alzheimer's, which can give cinnamon a positive role against the course of these diseases.

Another clinical study had teenagers chew cinnamon gum.  The result was that their memory improved and their anxiety decreased.

The researchers at Burjand now hope that their review will inspire other researchers to further investigate the positive effects cinnamon can have on the human brain.


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