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Find your people and your find your purpose

Updated: Jan 10

Last Friday, an incredible gathering of expats, returning expats and international friends took place at the Oddstory Brewery in Chattanooga Tennessee in US, centered around the inspiring theme, "Find your people & you find your purpose." It was a celebration that embraced the diversity of backgrounds and stories, illuminating the profound connections that unite us across borders.

As the evening began, the atmosphere buzzed with anticipation and camaraderie. Amidst the wonderful name of the brewery Oddstory, heartfelt conversations and shared experiences wove a tapestry of understanding and belonging among us all.

Throughout the night, laughter mingled with meaningful dialogues, as each person's unique journey contributed to the collective mosaic of our global community. The theme echoed through our discussions, reminding us of the significance of finding our people as a catalyst for discovering our purpose in this interconnected world.

Together, we explored the richness of different cultures, finding solace and inspiration in the bonds that transcend geographical boundaries. It was an evening that affirmed the beauty of diverse connections and the profound impact of a shared sense of belonging.

The event culminated with a sense of unity and fulfillment, as friendships were strengthened and new connections were forged. It was a testament to the immense power of finding our people, a reminder that in their company, we often discover a clearer sense of our own purpose and place in the world.

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