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Life as an Expat

Four years ago today, we left Shanghai after living in China for four years. It was an emotional day to leave a country, its people, and our family and friends whom we loved. A new adventure awaited us, and this time, Mexico was waiting for my youngest, Max, and me. Our daughter, Julia, started a new phase in her life by leaving her parents and beginning her studies in the UK.

Being an expat is an adventure that unveils a tapestry of emotions and experiences. It's a journey of discovery, filled with excitement, challenges, and growth. As an expat, you find yourself immersed in a new culture, surrounded by unfamiliar faces and customs. There's a constant sense of longing for the familiar while embracing the novelty of the unknown. The highs are exhilarating as you form new friendships, explore vibrant cities, and expand your horizons. Yet, there are moments of longing for the comforts of home and the nostalgia of familiar surroundings. Being an expat means adapting to change, stepping out of your comfort zone, and learning to embrace the beauty of diversity. It's a transformative experience that broadens your perspective, deepens your understanding of different cultures, and ultimately enriches your life in countless ways.

Today, Max and I live in the US with our new extended family. Our family, as we were when we left Sweden in 2015, are now split around the world and that is the sad side of being an expat, but that is the path our life journey has given us. We have learned to adjust to our circumstances and find happiness wherever we are. We take nothing for granted, and when we meet, it is precious time. Our family has grown with new people from around the world, proving that we are one big family!

PS: Universe, if you hear me...

“One day, I wish our BIG family can all meet for Christmas!”

Helen, Health4me your expat coach !

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