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The importance and need of psychological health

On the 24th of September I lost a great man in my life; I lost my father! He has been on my side with unconditional love all my life. Together with my mother he taught me how to value and live my life with positive attitude, kindness and caring!

I called him via video call to the hospital this summer since I wanted to share I was on a boat - one of the many things we have in common is our love for the water.   He said ‘Helen be grateful what you are in life and for the people on your journey’.

My father was the most positive soul and he knew definitely how to be psychologically healthy.

I posted a Ted talk 27th of May that I listened to again today. In all honestly  I have not taking care of myself since then but I will be patient with myself and treat and love myself as my best friend! To grieve someone even before they pass because there is no cure is heavy on your heart. Living on the other side of the world add to the sadness.

He stayed positive until the very last day and the final rest he hold my mothers hand. I am ever so grateful for my brothers at home with families close to my mother and for all lovely friends they have.

If you have not listened to the TED talk I posted earlier, please listen because the message is important!

Feel free to send a comment if you wish.

Lots of love


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