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There is two days in the year where you cannot do anything…

My first post on Health4Me insta was ‘take action on something that you will continue doing and that will motivate you!’ That post was for ME to kick my but and start!!

I have been dealing with my own thoughts for some time!  What do I REALLY want to do in my life AND what do I need to do to fill the gap I am feeling?!

I am so grateful for the journey and lessons life has given me but I lost myself for awhile.. to make habits we need to continue doing what we want to achieve!  I am feeling ‘I am back’ and I am determined to fill the gap with light, happiness,  joy and craziness so keep tuned New post will follow in a few days.

AND for you that don’t understand Swedish .. the lyrics are;

‘I want so badly believe in the future, I want to believe in honesty, we building this world for our children that one day will take over’ 🎤🎶

By the way.. the two days we can’t do anything are..

… Tomorrow and Yesterday

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