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To bring about change, you must not be afraid to take the first step. We will fail if we fail to try

I left my home country Sweden in 2015, and little did I know what was waiting. Moving to a new country goes hand in hand with many changes. Some of these changes have been quite unpleasant, but others, on the other hand, have been really awesome.

We, humans, have probably, ever since our creation, had an undeniable need to not only recognize our world, our lives, and our everyday life but also need to recognize ourselves in order not to get lost in the inner landscapes of our own person. But sometimes, for various reasons, we must revise our lives and ingrained habits and change things. And it can then be about almost literally breaking new ground among both thoughts and feelings and sometimes also about changing direction and daring to turn your nose towards an entirely different goal in life!

It is a refreshing experience with a new orientation in life. Once you have passed it, it shows that you have gained better self-confidence and even better...a greater and more deeply rooted sense of self and stand with your feet in a completely new and unexplored existence where almost everything can be both new and strange, and exciting!

We have different toolboxes when it comes to being able to change. That insight is good to have with us in life because then we can better understand that we have different long transport distances to our change goals and that the path can look like this many different ways, and so it must be! It can receive.. even be painful to change direction, make new tracks and break one's inner waves towards a new shore in existence.

And a more profound life change can for a person be like a long mountain climb... when it is done and you "put your hand on the plow" and feel that it carries over new lands, then you are a person set in change, and beautiful things can happen! And a focus on change in older days, however small and insignificant it may seem in the grand scheme of things, can have a pure rejuvenating effect, not least on the brain and intellect! And I dare to say that a clear goal image can also counteract depression and prevent the path of life when it manifests itself in a person.

Eight years after leaving Sweden, I look in the rear mirror proud and humble; as a person, I have grown and changed my professional career. We continually learn and grow as people as long we allow ourselves to be curious and believe life is here for us to experience, grow and learn something new every day!

Where focus goes, energy flows!


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